About Nasiha:

Nasiha Muna is an American of Bangladeshi heritage with a diverse academic background. During her youth she had literary works and artwork published in her local newspaper and several national magazines including Cricket, Creative Kids, Potluck, and Teen Ink. Recently her research work has been featured in technical journals in disciplines varying from mathematical art to biochemistry. Nasiha has also completed R&D projects for The Coca-Cola Company. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and a Master of Science in Mathematics, all from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Nasiha has solidified her career in academia by securing a position as an Instructor of Mathematics at Alabama A&M University.

When not devoting her time to teaching and writing, Nasiha enjoys spending quiet moments reading about psychology, philosophy, and sociology. If you get lucky you just might find her at Starbucks trying the latest Frappuccino. Nasiha and her family reside in Alabama. A Rift That Lies Between Us is her debut novel.


It started as a friendship. But it became an unbreakable bond . . .
Caiden and Farisa are two college students from different cultures and religions. Caiden is American and a recovering Christian, while Farisa is from a Bangladeshi family and Muslim. When a class project throws them together, they establish a soul-deep connection. Graduation causes them to go their separate ways, but Caiden never leaves Farisa’s mind. And when Caiden experiences a sudden heartbreak, his thoughts soon drift back to Farisa as well. They both begin to wonder…was their friendship meant to be something more? An unanticipated text message leads the two to pick up where they left off, as they reminisce about the time they spent together in college. They are touched to discover that their bond remains, even with hundreds of miles separating them. But is their connection strong enough to withstand all of the obstacles thrown in their path? Will they find a way to follow their hearts and bridge the rift between them?

Praise for A Rift That Lies Between Us

… the writing was superb for a debut novel and the author beautifully captured the dilemma faced by many children of strictly religious families … what an excellent read it was and what a talented author.” 

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Author Nasiha Muna manages to draw inspiration from her Bangladeshi heritage, and her passion for exploring different cultures shines through on each page.” 

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